Hello, Friends and Family!
Want to send a message out to all of you that Money Creek Mining Co. bluegrass band is saying good-bye for a while. But don't be surprised if you see us together again down the road some time. Steve Leming, Dave Toler, Michael Johnson and LuAnn Price have been together since its inception about 8 years ago, and Steve Bickle joined us a few years ago. We have thoroughly enjoyed making music and spending time as friends, and have been blessed to have such a wonderful relationship with each other. We will always honor and respect this time we had together. Family, friends, and fans that have supported and shown us kindnesses along the way, we THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!! You will forever hold a dear place in our hearts! For a group of people who all worked day jobs and still managed to practice almost every week, I think we did pretty well, and leave quite a legacy of festival performances (Darrington twice, Clatskanie twice, Mt. St. Helens, Bluegrass on the Green, and many others), as well as an article about the band in the WBA newsletter. We have played for the Navy, Snohomish County, Hometown Hootenanny several times, as well as our favorite restaurant venues, Under the Red Umbrella and Sliders Café. And these are just a few of the many gigs we somehow managed to work into our busy schedules. We created a CD of our music that seems to have been well received since I had to keep ordering more. We are proud to have performed many original songs written by Michael Johnson.  And proud that we are a friendly, funny, approachable group of people that could still lay down hard-driving bluegrass with expertise, finesse and energy! We will miss performing very much. With changes happening in our band members’ lives, it just seems the right time. We will still get together as friends to jam occasionally and I’m sure you’ll see us around at bluegrass jams. Thank you Michael Johnson, LuAnn Price, Steve Leming, Dave Toler, and Steve Bickle for your commitment and hard work to create some mighty fine music together!! See ya on the flip side!
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